Get ready to push your limits and unleash your potential with our exciting new Benchmark Series.
We’re introducing 8 dynamic benchmarks designed to test and improve your strength, agility, and overall fitness using TRX, kettlebells, and barbells.

Benchmarks are standard tests that help you measure your performance and track your progress. You’ll perform a specific series of exercises with the goal of improving over time. Whether it’s lifting heavier weights, speeding up completion time, or mastering form, benchmarks provide a clear path to assess your growth and achievements. 


  • Diverse Equipment: From the TRX Zestyseal to the Thundergrip, and Ying Yang, each benchmark focuses on different tools and skills. This variety ensures that no matter your fitness level or favorite workout style, there’s a challenge waiting for you.
  • First Challenge Date: 10h, 28 April  & Retest 10h, 9 June
  • Depending on the benchmark, you’ll have the opportunity to retest your abilities 6 weeks later, allowing you to see tangible improvements following your favorite classes.


  • Set Personal Goals: These benchmarks are a perfect way to set personal goals and stay motivated.
  • Measure Progress: See quantifiable improvements in your performance which can be incredibly rewarding and motivating.
  • Community Spirit: Join the rest of the Envolve community in friendly competition and mutual encouragement.