ENVOLVE GYM hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year, designed to teach participants the fundamentals and initiate mastery of fitness tools or special techniques.

You will find workshops featuring  :

  • The StrongFirst school curriculum with the kettlebell, barbell…
  • TRX yoga workshops,
  • Other workshops like special Handstand. 


Envolve strives to provide the best education services for our students !


ENVOLVE GYM Masterclass is a 90-minute immersive session designed to teach participants the essential basics of kettlebell training.

Led by an experienced instructor, the masterclass covers proper technique for two key movements.

The first part focuses on in-depth analysis and execution of a primary movement, while the second introduces a complementary auxiliary movement.

Emphasizing safety and efficiency, participants receive personalized feedback to enhance their skills, making this masterclass suitable for both beginners and those looking to refine their kettlebell techniques.



Explore the StrongFirst methodology for Kettlebell training, where the Swing and Squat serve as your initial gateway into the world of kettlebells. Ideal for participants of all levels, our emphasis lies in refining form, building strength, and optimizing efficiency to elevate your skills. Join us and elevate your Kettlebell training to new heights!


Dive into the StrongFirst method created by Pavel Tsatsouline in our Kettlebell One Arm Swing & Get-Up workshop. This session, suitable for all levels, hones the techniques of the Simple and Sinister, emphasizing strength, precision, and efficiency. Join us to elevate your Kettlebell skills and bring the principles from Pavel Tsatsouline’s book to life!


Discover the benefits of the StrongFirst method, as created by Pavel Tsatsouline, in our Kettlebell Clean & Press workshop. This session, suitable for all levels, refines the techniques of the Clean & Press, emphasizing not only strength, precision, and efficiency but also promoting full-body engagement, improved posture, and enhanced functional fitness. Join us to elevate your Kettlebell skills and experience the holistic benefits of the kettlebell. 

Each ENVOLVE workshop is 2,5 hours.

Our advanced kettlebell class  are already accessible starting from the second workshop (Swing & Get up)



With Alexey Senart – StrongFirst Master Instructor.

Content: Fundamental concepts, Athletic hinge, Deadlift with KB, Hardstyle swing, Goblet Squat, Turkish Get-up, Power breathing, Applied Mobility.

This Training in French (7 hours)


Content: One-Handed Clean, Front Squat, Press and its variations, High Pull and Snatch,Tension Techniques, Applied Mobility, Training Program

This Training in French (7 hours)



Embark on a transformative journey with our Kettlebell Resilient workshop, influenced by Pavel Macek’s expertise. This session, suitable for all levels, delves into the innovative Kettlebell Resilient approach, enhancing your mobility, stability, and overall resilience. Join us to discover the unique benefits of Pavel Macek’s methodology, and empower your fitness journey with a focus on durability and strength


Elevate your strength and precision in our Grinds & Ballistics Workshop. Master overhead presses like strict press, push press, Jerk or bent press. Then delve into the art of balistics with clean, snatch to Split clean lunges, split snatch lunges variations and dynamic swings. Led by expert instructors, this session is tailored to refine your technique and enhance your power. Join us for a transformative workshop, where strength meets fluidity, and excellence becomes second nature !


Dive into the world of Kettlebell Snatch & Squat with our workshop inspired by the StrongFirst principles. Suitable for all levels, this session meticulously refines the techniques of the Snatch and Squat, focusing on power, coordination, and mobility. Join us to enhance your Kettlebell skills, experience the effectiveness of StrongFirst methodology, and unlock the full potential of your training


Each workshop is 2,5 hours.

tactical strength workshop


Prepare you for this 3 attempts below : The official competition will be the 4th may 2024 

A three-attempt are : 

  • Powerlifting deadlift,
  • Strict pull-ups for max reps (or flexed-arm hang for time),
  • Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5-minute time period


These lifts test a unique trade-off between absolute strength, relative strength, and general endurance. While larger participants have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter participants have an advantage in pull-ups, and the kettlebell snatch tests, all participants equally.

This workshop is designed to encompass all these skills—a genuine journey into the realm of strength


trx yoga workshop


This workshop is open to all levels and the first part will be a chance to break down the fundamental components of basic inversions using the TRX Suspension Trainer, including the crow and headstand. Creative play will build strength and confidence to explore these poses in a safe and constructive way!

And the second part, a focus on hip openers. Discover how releasing tension from your hips is beneficial both physically and emotionally with TRX Yoga!


Embark on the journey of mastering handstands with confidence! 

Join our workshop led by the skilled Christina (check her out @acroplay on Instagram), a passionate Greek expert with over 8 years of experience studying with renowned handbalancers worldwide. 

Discover the physical and technical aspects of handstand preparation, including correct alignment, securing techniques, and utilizing the wall for practice. Christina’s lively and enthusiastic approach will guide you through the upside-down world, making you feel empowered and strong.

 Don’t miss the chance to start your handstand adventure with an expert mentor!


swing & clean

Enter in the StrongFirst method, crafted by Pavel Tsatsouline.

This masterclass, suitable for all levels, focuses on basics techniques of the 2 Hand Swing, One Arm Swing and Clean.

Emphasizing strength, precision, and efficiency, participants will enhance their Kettlebell skills by immersing themselves in these fundamental movements.

Each Masterclass is 90 min

turkish getup

Enter in the StrongFirst method, crafted by Pavel Tsatsouline.

This Masterclass, suitable for all levels, focuses basics techniques of the Turkish get up. 

The Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is a kettlebell exercise that offers a range of benefits, including full-body strength, improved stability and balance, enhanced joint mobility, core and stabilizer muscle engagement, functional movement patterns, posture improvement, neurological activation, and increased functional strength. Integrating TGUs into your workout routine can provide a holistic approach to fitness and well-being

Each Masterclass is 90 min

snatch & press

Enter in the StrongFirst method, crafted by Pavel Tsatsouline.

This Masterclass, suitable for all levels, focuses basics techniques of the Snatch & Press. 

The Kettlebell Snatch improves explosive power and cardiovascular fitness, engaging the entire body. The Press focuses on building shoulder and triceps strength. Both exercises enhance coordination, stability, and functional strength, making them valuable additions to a workout routine. Proper form is essential, especially for beginners ! 

Each Masterclass is 90 min

double trouble

This advanced session  emphasizes the fundamental techniques of double kettlebells. 

The Double Kettlebell Swing, Clean, and Snatch are powerful exercises with numerous benefits. The Swing develops hip power and full-body strength, the Clean refines technique and engages multiple muscle groups, and the Snatch enhances explosive power and cardiovascular fitness. 

These exercises improve coordination and functional strength. Integrating them into your routine can elevate your overall fitness and athleticism.

However, it is recommended that participants have  a solid foundation and understanding of the basics.

Each Masterclass is 90 min