Transform your Fitness Journey
with just 3 classes at ENVOLVE

Embark on your fitness journey with ENVOLVE, where movement becomes a privilege and habits trump motivation


Is a boutique fitness studio that’s passionately committed to helping each and every member achieve their fitness goals and make remarkable progress on their journey to be stronger and healthier!

What do we offer ?


FUNDAMENTAL STRENGTH class,  transform and strengthen your body, a straightforward and highly effective program focused on five movements. 

MOVE class,  a cardio & strength experience, which combines mobility, strength, positive energy, and functional training. It’s an excellent calorie-burner.

TRX class, the Total Resistance Exercises (TRX) System, a specialized form of suspension training that improves cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and core (abs, back, posture) simultaneously.



Where your fitness goals become a reality! Our commitment to quality coaching sets us apart, ensuring that every step of your journey is guided by experienced and dedicated coaches !


Learn new skills with Envolve Gym!

Our dynamic Workshops / Masterclass, held throughout the year, offer hands-on learning experiences to elevate your fitness journey.

From mastering the art of kettlebell with the renowned StrongFirst school curriculum to discovering the tranquility of TRX yoga, we’ve curated a diverse range of workshops.

At Envolve Gym, we are committed to providing top-notch education services, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to reach your fitness goals. Join us and unlock your full potential


At Envolve Gym, every fitness level is welcome.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, our expert team is ready to guide you. 

Receive personalized advice on the best approach, whether in our diverse classes or through the dedicated support of a Personal Trainer. We’re here to enhance and complement your fitness journey, ensuring a tailored experience that meets your unique needs and goals. Join us, and let’s achieve greatness together!

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