• 9:00 am – 10:00 am: TRX Core Conditioning: Strengthening the Powerhouse – Charlotte

Discover the pivotal role of the core in strength, stability, and performance.
Engage in a series of TRX exercises targeting core muscles: abdominals, obliques, lower back, and glutes.
Focus on proper core engagement, alignment, and progression for a robust core foundation.

  • 10:15 am – 11:15 am: TRX for Sport-Specific Training – Charlotte/Nathan

Learn how TRX Suspension Training enhances athletic performance and supports sport-specific training.
Explore using TRX exercises to optimize sports performance, improve functional movement, and address specific sport demands.
Customize the session to cater to the unique needs of various sports or activities like running, cycling, golf, or team sports.

  • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Kettlebell Swing & Turkish Get-up Practice – Santo & Nancy 

Master the techniques of kettlebell Swing and Turkish Get-up for effective training.
Learn proper form and execution to maximize results and minimize injury risks.

  • 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm: Lunch Break
  • 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm: Vivobarefoot Barefoot Training and Mobility of the Feet – Gordon

Join Vivo HQ and local partner Ian Bea from Vivobarefoot Belgium to explore barefoot training and foot mobility.
Understand the benefits of barefoot training for overall foot health and mobility enhancement.

  • 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm: TRX Yoga –  Charlotte

Experience a fusion of TRX Suspension Training with yoga postures.
Improve flexibility, strength, and mindfulness with this unique blend of disciplines.

PRICE  : 99€

Planning 2 june - TRX STC COURSE

Deemed one of the highest valued industry courses, TRX Education uses a movement-based framework that’s applicable to any level, goal, and piece of equipment.

TRX education is available to all :

    • 8 hour, 1 Day 9h-17h
    • Globally recognised certification
    • CECs/CEUs (0,7) NASM
    • Course manual
    • Course will be in FR
  • TRX Suspension Training Course – With the versatility of TRX Suspension Training® you’ll have a portable fitness solution to train clients in any setting. You’ll learn how to properly perform and cue foundational Suspension Training exercises as well as the benefits and target muscles of the exercises. Learn modifications and progressions to adapt the exercises to every fitness level.

    Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

    – Properly perform a variety of Suspension Training exercises

    – Progress and regress exercises for all fitness levels- Adjust resistance and stability for all exercises

    – Cue and correct common faults

    – Correctly set up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer

    – Apply the Flac system method

  • TRX education is available to all :
    • As a coach to deepen your level of mastery of the TRX tools and apply the training principles with your clients.
    • As an athlete who wants to deepen their knowledge of the movements and have a training solution at hand everywhere and all the time.
    • As a student who wants to be introduced to functional training with a focus on core training and the fundamental movements needed for everyday life
 PRICE  : 249€ 

Promotion for the whole week end experience – Save 49€


International Education  & Training Manager

TRX Master Trainer

 Vivobarefoot Master Trainer

TRX  Instructor
KB Strongfirst Elite

TRX  Instructor
KB Strongfirst Elite

TRX  Trainer