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Learn how to move like a pro with a kettlebell!
Develop your technical skills, learn the training principles and improve your overall strength, power and mobility.
A true strength journey!

We teach the kettlebell for strength and conditioning, you will also find balance and symmetry in your body. 
Our training philosophy is based on quality, encouraging you to “practice” in order to master the movements before “training”. 
We apply the fundamental principles of strength training from the International StrongFirst school. 
Strength has a greater purpose!


MOVE is a Circuit training that involves endurance training, resistance training and exercises performed in a circuit, similar to high-intensity interval training. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. 

Stretching and mobility 

The stretching & mobility classes work your mobility and flexibility. 

The aim is to bring you a moment of zen to help release tension, prevent future injury and optimise recovery.

We work on; creating space in your body to feel more fluid in your movements during workouts but also in everyday life; improving your flexibility and functional mobility.

Patience is key to improving flexibility – take your time, listen to your body but be focused and regular, and trust us with the rest.

fundamental Strength

The ideal class to strengthen yourself with fundamental movements. 

The 5 basics : Loaded carry, Hinge, Squat, Push and pull –  the main movements of life. 

You’ll be guided through this simple, tailored program that will quickly take your strength to the next level.

 We recommend to start your strength journey with this class.


The Barbell class is the perfect class to learn how to use a barbell safely. We follow the principles of the StrongFirst school.
You’ll learn the fundamental movements and accessory movements to become a better version of yourself.
We cover several lifts e.g. :
Back Squat
Bench Press (and variations)
Deadlift (conventional and sumo)
Front Squat
Zercher Squat
Good Morning
Military Press


The TRX System, also known as Total Resistance Exercises, refers to a specialized form of suspension training that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. 


The TRX FLOW class is a body and mind class designed to improve mobility, strengthen the core and stretch. 
The ideal class to end the day. 

TRX for yoga

TRX for Yoga is the new TRX training program inspired by Yoga. With the suspension straps and movements from Yoga, you create new workouts to become more flexible, stronger and improve your balance.  For beginners the TRX will help them to understand with confidence the most challenging postures. For yoga practitioners, it’s an opportunity to explore new ways to move and improve their traditional postures.


This is a pilates mat class to work your whole body.  This classes focusses on flexibility, stretching and elongating the whole body.  This class is suitable for all levels with options for the more experienced.  This class will be in French and English.


The Yoga class is an ideal complementary activity to strength training.  The benefits of a regular practice include improved mobility, better postural balance, quicker recovery after exercise, improved resistance to daily stress, better sleep, and even a better mood.
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