What ?

Our new postnatal class at ENVOLVE. Motherhood is an amazing journey and challenge, and we are here to support you.  The 45 minute class will consist of breath work, mobility exercises and bodyweight or weight-bearing movements according to your level and desire. Before signing up please ensure you have received medical clearance to exercise postpartum. 

When ?

Wednesdays at 10-10.45am

Who ?

New mums, but with no limit on how new! It’s hard to find time in the early months so we encourage mums who haven’t had the time to  exercise much to come along. Even If your baby is over 1 year you may still benefit from training with us.

Why ?

Our “Strong Mums” class is designed to empower new mums by supporting a safe return to training, helping mums regain confidence and gradually building up every day strength. And all that with a community of strong mums! It’s not only about fitness; it’s also a moment for to connect with other mums and share your baby joys and struggles!

Alone or with baby?

Whether you prefer to train with your baby by your side or enjoy some “me-time”, it’s entirely up to you. You can bring your baby in it’s maxi-cosi and he/she can lie on a mat. Note that the exercises are not done with baby in this class.

Anything else?

We have changing room facilities and a mat for baby changing.

How much?

Buy a 3 classes Discovery for 49€ or a drop in 22€